white lace wedding dresses

Walked into a law firm building day before yesterday to pick up my document but the lawyer I want to see was out attending to a case so I was then instructed to hang around. I was neatly dressed. I have only two collar shirt which I used when going for a formal meeting or when doing some important work. It was too hot to have a black shirt so I had the white one on but didn't realise it. I came out and stood at the gate making up my mind on what to do next. Just then two elde ... rly man, an expat and a national from both senior lawyers were in a sedan. They called me over and told asked me if I wanted to have a lunch so we went. On the way we joke and tell stories and things led from one to another then we finally introduced ourselves. And when I said I am turning 21, both of them didnt believe me and then the expatriate lawyer said in great surprise as he offer a hand shake "wow son congratulations, you are one of the very youngest lawyer I've ever come across" That put a big smile on my face and I quickly cut them off by saying I am not a lawyer, I then recognized my white shirt and I hated it. Then I said I am here to see my sister he's signing my documents. Fair enough the national gave a big FUCK and we all laughed. Had a nice lunch then they dropped me off at a stationary as they drove back to court house. white lace wedding dresses

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