wedding with the green garments

She was first assaulted by her Uncle at 5.
For 5 years, he forced her to swallow.
Then, at 11, a popular actress' brother gang raped her and got her pregnant.


Uncle started at 5.He is my dad's bro.He called me one day after my sisters beat me up.You know ,i was the smallest and my weapon against bullying was my sharp mouth that could say 10 things in 6secs.

So that day,he told me that he could make me grow bigger than my sisters.See me see joy! He started to put his manhood in my mouth.I didnt know it was wrong.He would then put his fingers in my vargina and do unthinkable things to me.

He went further and started putting porn for us to watch.

My parents were not around.

He would then ask me to act in the way the people acted and tell me to put my manhood in my mouth and use my little hands to jerk him off.My hands always hurt.He would then release his sperm in my mouth and ask me to swallow.

I began to realise that he was i asked him why.He threatened. If you tell anyone,i will kill you ,kill your sisters,your mummy and daddy.
My daddy ke?It was no news that my soft spot was my dad

it continued until i realised that i wasnt getting any bigger.
So i told my cousin.she said she will tell my dad.If she did is what i dont know as it didnt deter him from molesting me till i was almost 10

Fast foward to when i was ten.I got admission into secondary school and my dad was already transferred to the same state. I and my sisters and my mum movrd to Delta to join my dad. We had this name who is an actress(For your eyes only, name witheld).We were close friends with their family.
Meanwhile my experience in the past had made me somewhat a troubled teen.My mum couldnt understand it.She thought it was a church thing. So i was always having demons according to MFM.

That faithful november,My sister sent me to get something from this actress' sister.As i stepped out of my house,I saw name witheld (Her brother) under a tree with his friends and i greeted.
Please is name witheld home?I asked."Yes" he replied.she is inside.
I smiled and went in.Before i coukd head into name witheld room,I heard her brother come in.Next thing i heard was sit on my lap.I told him that i had to go home quickly. Before i could say "Jack"He and his friends held down my legs.I kept screaming and shouting.A blow to my face silenced me.And thats how they took turns on an 11 year old

1,2,3,4,5.... On me with no protection.If you see the way the were God

He told me that if i like i should tell my mum.She wont believe you.He was right.My mum saw him as a disciplined boy and i was very mischievous. I started seeing my period early and the welcome to your menstrual cycle lecture my mum gave me was that if i get disvirgined,She would be able to smell it.
so i was so scared that my mum will smell it and i ran away

apparently my rapist's sister wasnt around. He lied so that he can get canal knowledge of me. He said i used to shake my small waist for him. I didnt even have breast talk more of waist.I was like a broom. so i staggered away and stayed somewhere. Didnt go home .i just slept in a workshop around my area.Finally i was caught after 2 days.The beating i mum poured me pepper.You want to be useless,Not in my house oh.You are this ,you are that. My sisters even isolated me.So at your age you have started running away to men.....Only if they knew. I went back to school in January.i couldnt go to class.I felt every one could smell the fact that i had lost my virginity. I started hiding behind the chapel in school.I was a brilliant child but my result was so bad wedding with the green garments

i started to fall ill.Then i got an exit form. I couldnt go home.Shame almost killed me.I wondered around school in my uniform till night fell.Then a prostitute saw me and asked me why i was outside in the dark in my uniform.
For the first time in my life,i told her everything.She was screaming so loud.Took me to her camp and prepared ro take me to the hospital the next day. When we arrived,she paid for a test. She was scared that i might have an infection.Test came out and i was pregnant at 11+.Who do i tell my story?I cried.The doctor kept screaming and shouting .How can someone rape a baby?I begged for help.Even the lady begged on my behalf and offered to pay the bill for an abortion no matter the cost

i was brought in the next day and i bled after the procedure.i am a mother with kids today is a miracle.i bled so bad.
I left her house the 4th day and went home to heal. suprisingly,my mum didnt smell the fact that i had been disvirgined and i had an abortion. i was treated for malaria and all and sent back to school. In the uni,i had near rape experiences but i had mastered the act of fighting with my last blood. You see when you are raped,I believe things are deposited and you always find yourself in situations where you were almost raped or molested. or sexually harrassed

2 years ago,my friend calls me up.Guess who is in the news?The actress' brother. He raped again.How that case died,i do not know.maybe his sisters influence and she is supposed to be an advocate for women, At least that what she says her foundation does. i sent my story to linda ikeji as she was the one who broke the news. i am married now and i live with scars. i am suicidal every now and then. i relapse so easily. depression is my neighbour. there are times i donot bathe for a month. or weeks. as i type, i havent had a bath in almoat 3weeks. i have spent so much money on therapy. i cant even afford another. so i wait,For the day my mind would give way to my hands and i will end it all .

i have PTSD. years after,i still suffer the pain. Therapists tell me about God

Oh because you arent born again....blah blah blah

From Olu Bunmi