wedding pieces with removable skirt

Young underage girls will never stop having sex with older men as long as u big girls/sisters think n preach that being in a relationship means all ur financial struggle will go away. All ur beer thirst n hair problems will go away.

You kids n lil sisters adopt this mentality n think if they get into a relationship then their lil financial problems will go away. To them they will know that as long as they've that lil cookie then their problems will be washed away. Who are u gonna blame? U taught them that this is how things happen n being in relationships solve ur cash problems. They know that you taught them that they just need to fuck that financial provider to compensate for the finances they received. Those I can sleep with a man who doesnt give me money. wedding pieces with removable skirt

The guys will ask them if they were given that money what else are they gonna give in exchange, as young as they are they were taught that love n kisses doesnt help secure their lil well/bank then their obvious response become ill do anything u want. To the guy's mind is sex, sex at any given opportunity.

They will be saying buy me these n give me money ill do anything you ask, this is the reason most young girls including you slept with older ppl or those fr their financial gains while still under 16. Kids use lots of money on daily basis buying lil things and worse at school so any given chance for extra cash they will grab it with both hands.

U taught them that being in relationships means free McDonald's, extra pocket money, free booze, free slie, free phones, top outings n best hairstyles n all that in exchange for sex.

U turned relationships into prostitution n ur kids n lil sisters are watching u, u can look all that stunning n go places without having any job. N u expect kids to wait until 16 to start dating, they want money n fast n there are those men esp in townships waiting to offer such services. Look how many lil underage girls are dating their transport drivers, n ur local taxi drivers, all that bcs they always have quick cash n they can get rides to any place they want.

Most of them arent in relationships for love bt for benefits, they dont even knw what love is or dating someone because they had feelings n love for them long ago. It is abt wht mosheli will offer during the relationship

Remember these kids are listening to u wen u tell ur friends that u cant be in a relationship with someone osa bhejeng or who doesnt buy u this and that then they will also avoid dating 13 or their 14 yr old peers bcs they will provide nothing during the relationship.

U, your friends and bfs are publicly making relationships abt money then they will want relationships for those gains/benefits

They know that the pain of losing virgin is nothing compared to the benefits they will gets after that. In fact to them that virginity stands in a way to their financial freedom or happiness.

U can say im talking kaak bt we all know that kids as lil as 13 are already having sex with 17 yr olds and more bcs they will get those free stuff including booze. They knw that they only sleep with them once n after a week money will come flying.

Most dont even see that cookie as something important