wedding dress with removable skirt

Lakeysha All Natural Jones here are your BEAUTIFUL DRESSES! 3x CLOSED BACK, not halter size, with matching handbag and hair tie!

SWAG in a BAG! These are so CONVENIENT - just throw in the back of your car for 'After Hours' and you'll be wearing an EYE POPPING DRESS that will turn heads and get you noticed (in a nice way! lol!) Classy NOT Trashy! haha!

LaKeysha - I'm packing a BUNCH of stuff right now to ship and yours will be in the mail today along with 9 scarves & 2 bin bins for Angela Malakah Phillips AUTHENTIC African Head Wraps (I threw in an extra purple tie dye!), 40 packs of shea butter for Roxana Bangura, a couple more LOVELY DRESSES for Debra King Hasan and 8lbs of Fonio (gluten free grain) along with 1lb of PURE AFRICAN SEA SALT for Karl a Dr Sebi follower that's BUYING BLACK instead of Whole Foods! Ya'll buying salt from Pakistan and Israel - Africa has sea salt too and it's 100% pure, no additives, preservatives or iodine! lol! wedding dress with removable skirt

($25.50 a pound including shipping for extra fine 4 popcorn or natural 4 cooking!)

Ok, onto to the photos

Photo 1: SenegalStyle White & Yellow Dresses (sleeveless with closed back, zipper

Photo 2 & 3: Side ties that wrap around the BACK FIRST, then front, 1, 2 or 3 times if you're small! This is a 3/4x

Photo 4: Back of white dress and how it looks wrapped to fit

Photo 5: Back of yellow SenegalStyle SWAG in a BAG!

Photo 6: Back view of zipper

Photo 7: Front straight shot of dress

Photo 8: Photo bomb with my son Jonathan... like he didn't see me working in our inside garden! lol! BLAST JOE! haha! It is the nicest place in the house tho! It's basically a 'room' without a roof - open to the sky with a mosquito net covering the top and nailed to wooden slats to keep bugs and small animals (like cats & mice!) out. Surrounded by plants and my organic herb garden, it smells GREAT and is easy breezy from the ocean that's not too far from us. This is my favorite part of the house!

Photo 9: Another shot of the yellow dress, bag & hair tie

Photo 10: The white and yellow dresses together

Photo 11: Close up of yellow dress

Photo 12: Teri Green's LONG SLEEVED DRESS next to Lakeysha All Natural Jones's SHORT SLEEVED and of course, you've seen the HALTER STYLE (my preference, with a jacket!) so there are three choices for the dresses - don't think I only do them one way... cuz I don't!

... and PARENTS, especially fathers, PUT YOUR FOOT DOWN, show your girls your love ORDER THESE STYLES FOR THEM & keep me in mind for proms and special events for THEM too! Every year I cry a little inside when I see those kiddie porn pictures on the internet from 'prom'... don't you?

Email me at [email protected] to order or inbox with credit card in hand....!