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I want to talk teeth and mouth issues here because of my own issues in the hope it might help a young mom early enough to understand why her child is a poor eater.

My mother told me that I was a terrible eater and scared her as a first time Mom. The doctor told her that no child starves itself to death but to leave plates of nutritious snacks around. This was in the North of Zambia where temperatures soar and my mother was not happy.

Now at age almost 70 I think I could tell her why I was a poor eater. Firstly I have a small mouth i.e. My lips do not spread far across my face so the opening is smaller than normal perhaps. Secondly I have learned that I have a geographic mouth. This means that while I love citrus fruit and queen pineapples I struggle to eat them because they burn my mouth as do hot spicy foods. The final straw was that I inherited a familial problem of grinding my teeth when my permanent teeth eventually came in. I don't know whether this is because my mouth inside is particularly small so my molars do not have much space to do what they are supposed to or whether my large teeth are just too large. I had a tooth which grew in front of my other teeth on my lower jaw for ages.

Thankfully dentistry has advanced incredibly over the years and as a result of a fantastic dentist in one of the cities I lived in I had the tooth extracted and a bridge put in which looked way better. Sadly this was to present me with an even worse problem down the line when I managed to refracture C1 - yes refracture! The head of radiography told me I was a miracle because most people with this injury die and the remainder like Christopher Reeves are paralyzed from the head down. My husband of 26 years died in the accident and my son went out the back window and broke a femur. Cows on the road. I was in a prosthetic for 5 months, the hottest months of the year. The bridge survived the accident however the top front teeth were cracked and broken and could not be attended to until the brace came off. I had them crowned, however about 5 years after the accident I got fed up with things breaking in my mouth and coming off and decided to have all the wrecked teeth, basically all my teeth removed under conscious sedation. It is my only regret in my life but having explored implants I went ahead and replaced them with dentures which start off looking fabulous but within two years I have ground the teeth into the gum! I have a fabulous dentist who says I don't just have geographic mouth, I also have a gymnastic mouth! Great!!! Big Joke. vintage style wedding apparels back Tulle Overlay 1950s

Excuse me if I laugh!

I have struggled now for about 14 years. People who grind their own teeth can use a dental guard but if you have dentures sadly everyone has told me that this isn't possible!

I am here with GOOD NEWS.

For about R400 you can purchase right here in South Africas ghost on the coast city a device which fits over the top denture to prevent you grinding.

Never give up!