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More Wisdom of Ramadahn by Ursula Roberts,
QUESTION: Does a Spirit choose a particular body and come to earth at a certain time so that conditions will be right to obtain the experience needed?
RAMADAHN: In theory this is so, but in fact when the Spirit comes to take hold upon its bodies it will forget many of the theories and original purposes as it becomes enmeshed in the life on earth. Our teaching is to help each one to regain the realisation of their identity as a Spirit using the body for purposes of experience rather than being a body with a vague Spirit form.
QUESTION: What is the difference between soul and Spirit?
RAMADAHN: Spirit is the subtle, indestructible, divine manifestation while the soul, which is composed of the fine mental and emotional bodies, is the being through which the Spirit manifests.
QUESTION: At what stage does the Spirit enter the body? If it is pre-physical birth, what happens in the case of a still-born child?
RAMADAHN: The Spirit may be near the woman, seeking life, for some while before the actual moment of conception. The joining to the actual growing foetus body comes about when there is a quickening or movement within the mother's womb, but the Spirit may be conjoined and waiting within the area of the mother for some while before this happens. When a child is born and the physical body is not able to retain life, the soul and the Spirit together have touched the vibration of the mortal world and have formed the nucleus of the soul bodies. These bodies will then continue to grow and develop within the regions of the Spirit World. Here, Spirits who give great love and wisdom tend and care for these infant souls. The soul body grows and develops under the stimulation of movement, sound, and in the exchange of love ones to the other, even as a soul is nourished on the earthly plane by the exchange of love and companionship. short length prom party dresses in black
QUESTION: In the case of a miscarriage, why does it frequently occur around the fourth month?
RAMADAHN: Sometimes the incarnating Spirit is not sufficiently strong to retain its hold in creativity upon the body which is developing. It may seek another opportunity for incarnation. It is true, that often the first pregnancy will be the one that miscarries.