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While it's no secret that period cramps are the worst, over the years, women have had to show up to work and mask their pain with a silly excuse. Recognizing this pain and the taboo around it, Culture Machine Media Pvt. Ltd. has initiated a new leave policy, called First Day of Period Leave, where women can take a leave on the first day of their period, which is usually when the pain is at its worst. short and mini items in red

This video was filmed in secrecy featuring the women of Culture Machine, who ... were oblivious of this new change, at the time of the shoot. They were told for the first time on camera and this is how they reacted.

To support the cause and get your office to introduce this policy, sign the petition on this link:

Because it's time we address that women menstruate and it is okay to take a day off to get through the discomfort.
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