royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

I've seen things, horrible things that you aren't supposed to see until it gets too late... I've seen blood and hate and person killing another person out of pure joy... I can't anymore watching how end is coming and everyone are running towards it, with cheering, desperately waiting that it finally start... There's thirst for blood and smell of blood everywhere... I can't watch it anymore, how everyone are getting thirsty for blood and justify it with false actions, pretendi ... ng that it's for higher good, but it's madness and unavoidable catastrophe... When that starts, there will be no going back, regardless that many would regret what they've done, that's point of no return... We didn't learn anything from history, just keep repeating it... Only this time is going to be the last time... We won't get another chance ever again... And I can't watch it anymore and being so hopeless about it... What a horrible gift... Why should I have it, if I can't do anything about it... I'm tired of everything, just totally exhausted and going away... royal and nave blue color collections for cocktail

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