red prom formal wears of lace

Since when do cherry tomatoes have gigantic grass burr looking things? Are those seeds? Look like a sea creature... super sharp and pokey, lots of thorny shoots, green and yellow. They're close to the flower. I think I've eaten from this plant and it wasn't poisonous... this is my first year of having all kinds of food growing. None of my other tomato plants have thorns... even the ones like this. Maybe this gets more heat so it's stressed and seeding? There's even thorns on the stalk red prom formal wears of lace

Edit: Thank you wonderful Regen Ag community for your incredible responses. I was very sick a few weeks ago with chest phlegm, cough, scratchy throat etc. It lasted 5-6 days. I have to wonder if this is what it's from... from the fruit and taste I couldn't tell it wasn't a cherry tomato in my salad.