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TROUBLE DEALERSYou that moment when you work with someone that knows your weakness and finds every single way to explore it, that was what the dude called tramor was doing to oga Emma, he knew every weak point theman had and he used it to punish him in every given chance.Actually that weak was fantabulous, they were at each others neck oga Emma used every chance he got to slap and knock Tramor while tramor dealt with him back by chokaying and other wicked vices, and where was i, i was the fight seperator of cus, the peace maker who takes both sidesand reap double havest.On day we were about entering the major road from a corner when Tramor shouted 'see yansh', one of oga Emma favourite weakpoint, he loved looking at girls ars'es the same way he loves money, his married status did not hinder him at all. Oga Emma set his rear mirror to view theasr'e forgetting that he was already driving into the road, He nearly knocked down two guys on a bike which prompt them to get angry. Instead of apologising he increased his speed to flee, maybe the guy's red eyes choked him to his marrows. Tramor was pinching me slightly in a 'Shebi i tell you style' while the bike boys gave us a hot chase. Laugh was almost pouring out when i countered the look on oga Emma's face, fear was written all over his face. The guys were young guys but they were weed smokers, they succeded in catching up when oga Emma slowed downto pass a bump. The sided with his driver door and stared wickedly at him,na there oga Emma know tha thier was a thin line between bad boys and weed smokers cus those boys reed of both."Shey na you wan kill us?" The bike rider shoutd at oga Emma, i could see his leg shaking. I touched Tramor to show him the wonderful sight. Suddenly our so pompous boss had turned to a frightened chicken."No be you we dey talk to? Eh, your father" The guy at the back shouted and place a hot slap on oga Emma cheeks. That worked like magic, oga Emma tongue loosen up, he began speaking abi na rapping i go say."Guys abeg na, una know say i dey like una younger brother, abeg with God, i no see una, na sand enter my eyes" Oga emma spoke gibbrish while the guys gave him slap at various intervals. If only i could die with laughter na LIP dem for write for my tomb stone, which time oga Emma turn to two twenty something year olds younger brother. Tramor did not hid his laughter, he laughed so hard that oga Emma turned and was begging us to beg them. Finally the guys pitied him and sped off.Oga Emma packed his bus and leaned on the steering while smoothing his face, am sure if we were not there he would have cried. I tried to hold my laughter but Tramor was still laughing hard till oga Emma fetch him a hot knock to invalid the laughter."If say i know say na two devils i get inside this motor i for just kill una since" Oga Emma finally said. I looked at his face and bursted into laughter, criss cross marks made him look like someone that cultist visited. Oga Emma could not touch me because he knew that i hate peopletouching mt head, he just threatened to minus our pay that day. Tramor began singing his normal 'Call me a goat anthem', work was fun for once."Peter abeg go tell oga Emma say make him come help us" Tramor said angrily after we had packed water non stop to those Muslim compound that Collins first taught me chokay. We were sweating like the goats some people ate for Christmas, me i chop frog meat oowhile oga Emmawas gisting with his freinds as normal while shacking soft drinks."Shebi na only me get mouth, free me jare" I said back."No be you be him assistant, i don tire ooo, make we teach this man lesson" Tramor said while resting ona wooden board. At the sound of Lesson my mischevious ear pricked up, i love trouble like fucck so i quickly agreed."So wetin we go do the man?" I asked happily."Tomorow we go set am up" Tramor replied and continued what he was doing.The next day we packed water as usual, i was thinking of what Tramor had in mind, i was anxious.When oga Emma reached his slavery zone as we termed it, Tramor shouted that he had exams that day and he wanted to go and prepare cus he went to an afternoon school. Oga emma allowed him to go, i was furious, i thought he wanted to leave me and flee only for my phone to start ringing after he disappeared from view."Hello" I said."Just shout chai after i finish talking, if oga Emma ask you tell am say your sister get accident and waka go" Tramor said. I almost jumped up injoy, that dude was my prototype also in leing, i guess we made a perfect pair, he also never dates girls except they have big bosoms, i quickly did as i was told. Oga Emma was sorry for me and even gave me bike money home.I branched to Pes2 shop, oga Emma was going to experience the worst kind of slavery he put us into. red color garments for cocktail