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Many previous studies said that people no longer grow taller after the expiration of the period of puberty.

In males, the height grows to the age of 25, and for women is 23 years old. When puberty is terminated (after 18 years), due to the decrease of the hormone in calcium and phosphorus, height growth is slowed down because of the stop in transiting calcium into bone.

But the latest researches have proved that the increase in height can still be continued until we are at ar ... ound the age of 25. The speed increase height after puberty will be slower than the previous time, so we cannot recognize it. And also in time after puberty, about 16-25 years old, we should endeavor to improve height, because after this age there is likely that we will no longer be higher. So, if you want ways to grow taller, you have to set and strictly implement plans to increase its height. prom party dresses specially for tall girls

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