one shoulder asymmetrical wear for wedding

I just want to share with you an exhausting, energy draining, damn near unthought of task that i would ever do, 2 day, bitter sweet epiphany that I experienced. I honestly truly surprised myself, literally not pondered about, locked deep inside of me and not planned on being let out legit pelted right out holding absolutely nothing back it's like my falangies and the bullshit i locked away took control unit it was all texted out and made sense at least to me.

I'm proud of ... the man I'm becoming, it's not easy choosing happy and facing the homophobic,transphobic,plain bogas ass individuals that purposely hurtfully label, harass and taught not only myself but the entire LGBTQ community. Well let me say just this one thing.. AT LEAST OUR COMMUNITY HAS ENOUGH BALLS, ENOUGH STRENGTH AND HAVE SOME WICKED ASS BRAVERY TO BE WHO THEY WERE MESNT TO BE AND TO LOVE WHOEVER THE FUCK THEY WANT TO LOVE.
Don't give up on being who you really are or know what they are supposed To be LIKE FUCK WHAT EVERYONE ELSE THINKS OR PEOPLE START FLAPPIN THEIR JAW WHERE IT SHOULD BE SHUT. The only thoughts and feelings that should effect your thoughts and feelings is you. if you're happy l, if you're pleasure is looked down upon them everyone of you amazing people put your middle finger to the sky and never give up and say BY YOU ARE NOT ALONE. I'm a message or a dial away , if you're having a bad day or even if we have never talked before REACH OUT I'LL LEND YOU AN EAR, OR SHOULER TO SHED A FEW TEARS. I can' magically fix the things anyone experiences but I can PROMISE YOU ILL BE RIGHT BY YOUR SIDE CHEERING YOU ON, being that ONE reason not to give into the monster that lives within REMEMBER YOU ARE NOT ALONE AND I LOVE YOU. If you need me please don't hesitate to hit me with a message request I'll listen to you or give advice of or a needed or just be let out my crazy wacky stupid side and distract you from the bullshit you carry Inside HIT ME UP I MEAN IT . THANK YOU TO THOSE BEAUTFUL STUD MUFFINS RESD THIS ALL THE way THRU to the end if you ever feel lonely I'll be your ride or die type friend just type me the message and hit send one shoulder asymmetrical wear for wedding

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