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Patient presents with neck pain that radiates with numbness and tingling in the right index finger and middle finger. He states wrist pain.

A thorough structural test reveals structural abnormalities in his neck with significant structural damage (DDD / Degenerated Disc Disease ) that was causing his right index and middle finger numbness and tingling. Structural correction over a course of a month helped resolve 99% of his fingers and neck symptoms. not expensive prom party wears in black

Structural abnormality wa ... s detected and corrected in his right proximal lateral posterior ulnar in his elbow that was causing excessive motion (hypermobility) in his wrist. In addition, structural abnormality was detected and corrected in his right lateral pisiform. One visit resolved his wrist pain.

Further evaluation during the month also revealed a structural abnormality in his foundation that was corrected -- not shown on video. He reports being more upright, more level, able to do a sitting squats easier, and in addition, better bowel movements with a significant reduction in his constipation.

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Disclaimer: Results are atypical and varies from patient to patient.

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