navy blue formal and prom selections

Right the urine test came back negative there's no UTI
What can I do???? Please help.
His results of bloods have been read and over read and everyone says they aren't shockingly bad.
He's eating well BUT he's so wobbly and often just collapses down for like a second he's disoriented at times and his eyes are running and his drinking is still way way out of hand!!


*side notes* Male Border Collie, 16 Years Old.
Always fine and healthy then one day he was wobbly and started drinking lots (there was no gradual period, underweight but eating well) bloods taken show high urea and crea. Electrolytes normal, Phosphorus normal. navy blue formal and prom selections
Urine Strip Test showed high blood and protien.
Urine culture test showed no UTI but that's all they said i havent got the print out of that.

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