mother of the groom dresses with long sleeves

I have been having a big bump on the bottom of my right foot that hurts and after my family dr. tried to scrap off the dead skin to try to make it get better with no luck, he sent me to a foot dr. I went today to the foot dr. In Tyler and was told that he wants to do surgery but he wont do it till we get my blood sugar levels down.He said that my feet has no pulse in them. He said if he did the surgery now I would not heal and could lose my foot. He said if I don't stop smoki mother of the groom dresses with long sleeves ... ng and watch my diet I could lose my feet. I am so scared and stressed out. Tomorrow I have to get a heart thing to wear for 24hours to check my heart and then to my family dr cause I have been having alot of uncontrolled shaking and some times it's very bad that I can't do anything with my left hand, also my left side swells up but not my right side, also when I bend down my back pops and I can feel it in my stomach and can hear it.Please keep me in your prayers. ..

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