mermaid trumpet prom collections in red or ruby

In Januray I stopped getting acrylic nails done. It has been as tough as quitting smoking LOL but I wanted to save some money, and also, my nails were just completely hashed and I wanted to try to get them healthy. Almost 8 months later and I haven't seen a ton of improvement, they are still pretty weak and "bendy", if that makes sense. I have tried keratin oil on my cuticles and nail beds, as well as nail strengtheners, and a skin hair and nails vitamin supplement. I'm looking to see if anyone else has gone through a similar issue where they quit doing artificial nails and their nails were completely damaged, weak, peeling, and absolutely unhealthy. If you have any recommendations on other things I could try on top of things I already have, I am open to suggestions, and definitely willing to try anything that is reasonably priced. TIA! mermaid trumpet prom collections in red or ruby :) I'm currently resisting the urge to get them done again just to get past this hump of sad nails that I have not been able to get past for all these months. I'm almost ready to lose hope that I will ever have strong healthy natural nails- the struggle is real!