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The patient suffered from this disease feels pain in the membrane of the duodenum. There are two types of this disease-
Acute gastritis.
Chronic gastritis.


This disease occurs due to emotional or mental pressure, increasing in acidity, taking pain killer, alcohol, infection of bacteria or virus, eating stale or polluted food, over eating, taking such foods that do not digest easily or eating enough spicy food stuffs, etc. Allergy from eatables can be also responsible for gastritis. It also occurs due to radiation of chemicals or acids.


The tongue of the suffered person keeps on coating a layer on it; taste becomes bad; nauseate; vomiting; stomachache; fever; loose motions occasionally, headache and lack of appetite (hunger), etc. are symptoms found in the patient.

Acute gastritis:-

With gastritis, patient feels pain in the stomach that becomes violent by pressing it; he has desire for drinking cold water all the time, but it does not stay in his stomach; feels heavy stomach all the time and taste becomes bad; the tongue does able to identify different tastes; troubles start on increasing at the time of breathing (inhaling and exhaling); the tongue keeps on coating with white or yellow layer and he feels lethargy. These types of symptoms are found in the condition of gastritis. maid of honor garments in royal purple

Chronic gastritis:-

In this case, patient feels burning sensation in his duodenum, vomiting of acid or phlegm (mucus), the tongue keeps on coating on its central section, but redness on its edges, burning sensation on the chest, flatulence, burning sensation in the hands and legs, feeling thirst, complaints of constipation, urine comes in red colour and his body starts to loose weight, etc. are found in the sufferer.


It occurs in the patient due to any disease of liver, spleen or urinary organs. Mostly, it occurs due to over eating (more than hunger), indigestion of food or by taking poisonous things, etc.

Treatment with different drugs:-

1. Arsenic:-
If the sufferer feels pain in the stomach with having too much burning sensation in the duodenum, feels as if fire has been burning in it, lack of hunger (appetite), thirst, feeling nauseate or vomiting that comes mostly after eating, becoming the pulse fast, etc., Arsenic 3x or 30 or the powder of its 2x potency should be used to cure disease of such patient.
For the treatment of this disease, give Arsenic with water to take and when patient vomits after taking it, give the trituration of Arsenic 2x or 3x to the sufferer. It will provide benefit to him.

2. Hydrastis-
To remove the burning sensation of the duodenum, Hydrastis 2x or 30 is used.

3. Ipecac-
In the condition of vomiting or loose motions of the gastritis patient, using Ipecac 3x is beneficial.

4. Nux-vomica-
If the gastritis patient has been suffering form belches all the time, for treatment, Nux-vomica 2x should be used.

5. Pulsatilla-
If the complaint of vomiting is recovered after the use of Ipecac, watery loose motion has been taking place, Pulsatilla 3 can be used.

6. Carbo-veg-
If the gastritis patient has been suffering from frequent bleches, Carbo-veg 3x should be used to cure his disease.

7. Camphor-
If the symptoms of disease of the gastritis patient start to become violent suddenly, using the mother tincture of Camphor is beneficial for its treatment.

8. Anting-crude-
If dirt is coated on the tongue of the sufferer, vomit is taking place or feels the taste of eaten things at the time of coming belches, etc., Anting-crude 6 can be used to cure this disease of the patient.

9. Merc-cor-
If burning sensation has been taking place due to gastritis, using Merc-cor 6 is beneficial to cure this disease.

10. Aconite:-
If the gastritis patient has been feeling bitter taste of all the things except water, feeling thirst or pain in the duodenum, etc., treatment with Aconite 3 is very useful for him.
If the sufferer starts to feel cold suddenly or feeling burning sensation in the duodenum due to setting up cold in his stomach after drinking ice water; he feels heaviness inside his stomach as if stone has kept in his stomach; vomits frequently, etc., to end such symptoms, Aconite 30 should be given to him.
If pain takes place in the stomach with burning sensation and does not get relief from pain even by taking rest, etc., using Aconite for his treatment is very effective.

11. Thuja-
If the sufferer has been suffering from burning sensation in his duodenum due to taking tea, taking Thuja 3 to 30 is very effective to cure him.

12. Phosphorus-
If the gastritis patient feels empty ness and weakness much in his duodenum, vomits resembling eaten things with bile, blood and phlegm (mucus) and belches come, taking Phosphorus 6 is beneficial.

13. Kalli-bicrome-
With gastritis, if the following symptoms are found in the sufferer like- coming vomit with sour smell and contains much phlegm (mucus), thread like things or bile that is responsible for sour or bitter taste, vomit takes place after eating, feeling burning sensation in the stomach, pain in it, etc., to cure such patient, using Kalli-bicrome 30 is appropriate.

Treatment with different drugs:-
The mother tincture of Camphor, Belladonna 6, Cantharis 6, Hyosaemus 6, Arsenic 3x to 30, etc. are very useful for the treatment of this disease.
In chronic gastritis, different drugs like Millipoleum 1x, Sulphur 30, Bryonea 3x, Merc-sol 6 or Bismuth 6, etc. can be used to cure disease.
In the condition of appearing wounds in the duodenum, Kalli-bi 6, Arsenic 30, Hydrastis 2x or 6, etc. can be used.

Other treatments with the use of different drugs:-
If a person has been suffering from burning sensation in his duodenum after taking any poisonous thing, take anti-miasmatic medicine of that poisonous thing. It will help to cure this disease. Drinking cold water is very useful in chronic condition of this disease.
If the condition of the patient becomes much serious, all the types of food should be taken away for minimum 24 hours.
He should take light easily digestible things or liquid diet like- rice water, pulse (cooked) water, fruits juices or soup, etc.
Do not take spicy things even in little quantity, because they can stimulate (irritate, inflame) the stomach additionally.
Take enough liquid things like water, but do not drink milk even in little quantity, because it increases acid in the stomach.
To ameliorate pain, keeping a piece of cloth after immersing it in hot water on his stomach at an interval of every 3-3 hours provides relief.
To protect from this disease, eat slowly and chew the food properly.
Take your meals at fixed time and do not eat any thing in between the two intervals of your diet.
Give the gap of minimum 5 hours between two diets.
Avoid alcohol (liquor).
Do not do any work in the case of this disease, but take rest.
Take exercise daily, it helps to remove tension. Yoga and meditation are also very effective in this case; it helps to enhance disease resistance ability.
Try to sleep well (sound sleep) and take away all the types of worry.
Keep neat and clean of the place where foods are cooked (prepared).
Drink boiled water after cooling it well.
Do not take pain killer and it needed, take after eating food.
Vitamin A and Zinc are very useful to cure the wall of the stomach.
If gastritis has become much serious and violent pain has been taking place and blood comes with vomiting and thick black coloured faecal materials come, take treatment immediately according to an expert doctor.