long halter formal gowns

The Yard Sale Experience is over and the 8th Grade Holy Cross students have happily exceeded their goal. Theresa Kukawka eloquently wrote the following:
"After many long days of collecting, unloading, sorting, cleaning, setting up and selling... the tents & tables have come down and the leftover treasures redistributed (to Kids In Distress, St. Vincent DePaul, St. Marys White Elephant and SMQOC Book Sale).
The money has also been counted, and we are ecstatic to report that we raised over $6,700!!!
We had huge variety of beautiful, desirable, useful items!! We overheard people calling their friends to say "You gotta come over to 2100 River Rd. This is a GREAT SALE! Nice furniture, dishes, bedding, holiday decorations, household items, toys & games, clothes & shoes... you name it!"
The selling actually began Wednesday night when the tables went up and ended Sunday night. People were drawn like magnets to the big yard filled with tents, front and back. Many parishioners made a point to drive up and support the sale!! God Love You! We Love You!!
The 8th Grade Students worked long and hard and learned a lot about the generosity of good people and the value of items they'd never seen before!
The students also had an opportunity to "pay it forward." Items were freely given to customers collecting: yoga mats for the homeless; puzzles for mentally challenged adult centers; bikes and dress up clothes for children in foster care; formal dresses to angel gowns for families who have lost a child. It was both a joy and a privilege to meet such beautiful people and to learn about all these special ministries. long halter formal gowns
Our goal was to raise money for the 8th Grade trip to Chicago. But God had bigger plans. Through all the heavy lifting & taking turns at the cashier table, evening pool parties & ice cream, the students were growing before our eyes. Growing in maturity, leadership, kindness and closeness to each other.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU AGAIN for all your support."