long floor-length formal collection in black

Somebody talk to our young girls!!
Can I start preaching the obvious!!??
You young, just between 13 and
18.. You got a body that makes you look years older, a lot of guys are attracted to you,
You can even get a guy with the ...
finest car, pull up at some party place broke but can get some loser wrapped around your finger so bad that he spends on you all his money.
You think you the ish neh?
You got a friend that calls you up
"Chommie which place are we rocking tonight" but never a friend that says "Can you ask your parents if I can come over so we can study the night away" Man you need to get yourselves in varsity!" long floor-length formal collection in black
Its not that you stupid, or too
young to care. You just so ignorant and caught up in the moment, forgetting that once
life decides to throw you off the
edge, everybody that was with you gonna back themselves up.
Wanna know the truth about boys?
They'll love you shem for sho, or
atleast they'll pretend to, but only coz you got something to offer.
Yeah so we not all after sex, but if
you aint got no brains or some self respect, what else are you
expecting him to want from you?
A niqqa can take you out and lay
you down for days, yet choose to settle down with that 1 boring girl who has more brains than party time..
Dont you know that?
Dont sit in his car and brag about
you being the main chick, as soon as you get off, he picks up a girl whose more sophisticated and classy than you are.
I aint saying you shouldn't date,
but when you do make sure you mature enough to stand your own
ground and have goals of your
Dont wake up one day and realize
you partied your entire future away and all you have is a pregnancy and an STI to show for it!
all I know is the real world is more serious than we think especially for a woman.
And man will chew you up and spit you out if you dont arm yourself with education.
Dont let this messed up society
make you think that its okay to have sex, get drunk and party.
These guys will promise you heaven on earth, but most of them will use you, after they get what they want, they'll leave you...

Shaun Mmncedisi

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