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Many new parents get worked up when they see that their baby's head is sweating. In fact, it comes under one of the frequently asked questions by parents. If your baby's head is sweating while sleeping or feeding, then don't rush to the doctor immediately. There is nothing to worry about urgently. Most new parents get scared when they feel their baby's head. This is because the temperature of the baby's head is always more than the fist of the child.
It is not enough to say t ... hat it is normal for your baby's head to sweat. At least, that will not put an anxious parent's mind to rest. So, here are some reasons why your baby's head may be sweating more than his/her body.
Your baby's head feels hot compared to the rest of the body. This is a common phenomenon that runs pretty much across the board for most babies. If you want to check for fever, then you have to feel your baby's cheeks or the skin under his/her chin. That gives a much more accurate assessment of the body temperature. Your baby's body functions differently from adults. So, do not worry if your baby has a hot head. May be, he or she is just a hot headed guy or girl! latest 2018 prom party gowns in tea length
A newborn baby has no active sweat glands save the ones on his head. You must have realised that your baby's body never sweats. It is only the head that sweats a lot. This is because only the baby's head had active sweat glands. If your baby's head is breaking into sweat, it just means he or she is feeling hot.
If you are worried that your baby's head is sweating while sleeping, then that too has a valid cause. Babies do not toss and turn like adults in their sleep. That is why; their head stays in more of less the same position. This leads to over heating of the head and sweating of the head at night. Another reason could be that you are wrapping your baby up too much at bedtime. Do not overheat your baby because it can lead to sudden infant death syndrome.
While breastfeeding, most mothers prefer the cradle position. And this requires you to hold your baby's head constantly in the same position as long as your baby is getting fed. Your palm gives warmth to the tender head of your baby and that is the reason your baby's head may be sweating while feeding.
But if you still feel that your baby's head sweats profusely all the time, you should see a doctor to clarify what the reason could be.

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