lace coverd with long sleeve wear of the wedding

Go figure I go to the hospital to get better and I end up leaving worse off than I was seeking treatment. I go in because I couldn't take the lower back pain anymore and try to get some muscle relaxers which they gave me on top of a high-grade ibuprofen which I ended up having a bad reaction and my body rejected both prescriptions. The first couple days I felt like I was dying and my internal organs were shutting down! I've missed a lot of work because of this bullshit. Now I ... have a hole in my intestines caused by the ibuprofen and I'm in hella more pain then originally was before I went to the hospital. Once again I'm puking up blood and have to go back. Don't know what the hell I'm going to do, should I sue? I'll be damned if I have to live with this ulcer because I trusted a doctor's recommendation for pharmaceutical instead of a natural remedies. Another prime example of why Pharmaceuticals are a hundred times worse than natural treatments. No wonder so many people die from prescription drugs. They tryin' to kill me!! lace coverd with long sleeve wear of the wedding

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