knee length styled items to wear

1. I fail to understand why many girls of nowadays can
drink like their dads, but they can't cook like their
2. I nearly fainted yesterday; I asked an old man, "Even
after 90 years, you still call your wife 'Darling', 'Honey',
'Love'. What's the secret?" . OLD MAN: "I forgot her
name 10 years ago and I'm scared to ask her"
3. Welcome to Nigeria where Jesus sends you a
WhatsApp text and threatens to kill you if you don't
share it
4. Good sex can make a man apologise for anything he
didn't do, he will be like "Baby, sorry for Mandela's
5. I don't know the spirit that comes with bottled
water, Whenever a black man buys it, he starts
behaving like he is the richest man in the community.
6. Girls be pointing out spelling mistakes on social
network yet they cant point out the real father to their
7. If you are a woman with beauty and no brains, it's
your private parts that suffers the most.
8. Just because Rihanna doesn't wear a bra, doesn't
mean you have to copy her and show us nipples that
are pointing at your shoes.
9. So you walk with a guitar because you are an up
coming artist
Have you ever seen an upcoming prostitute walking
with a bed?
10. My girlfriend is only allowed three guy friends. The
father, the son and the Holy spirit.
11. That moment when you join a porn group and find
that your dad is one of the Admins. gbese
re o
12. Two reasons I dont allow my girlfriend to touch my
iPhone 7
1. I dont have a girlfriend
2. I dont have an iPhone 7
13. Bleaching your skin till you shine brighter than your
future is not a problem, the problem is having White
Face, Yellow Hands, Chocolate Lips, and Black
Legs..My sister what are you..Zebra?
15. If you've been faithful all your relationships and
none of them worked out .. cheat for a change..
16. With the increase in the rate of fornication, If i
were God ,the next generation kids would receive their
reproductive organs on their wedding night..NO
17. The phone that I bought with my own money is
now correcting my English....This is witchcraft in
18. Women are like police they can have all the
evidence in the world but they want you to confess it
with your mouth.
They will be like "Are you cheating on me?".
My sister do you expect him to say Yes?
19. Growing old is compulsory - growing up is optional.
20. A bitter woman says ALL men are the same, but a
wise woman decides to stop choosing the same type
of Men
21. In Africa, saloons are like gossip stadiums
22. My sister,get married to a short man and if he
cheats on you just put his phone on top of a fridge
until he behaves
23. All I hear always is, "No sex before marriage." If
that was God's plan, then you would receive your penis
or vagina on your wedding day.
24. Engineers are so lonely that even GF means
Grounds Floor to them
25. Lionel Messi didn't just wake up and become the
best player in the world he trained...
So if your girl is good in bed i got news for you....
26. No one's gonna die if their partner leaves them
..Remember ,It's a relationship not a Lung
27. You broke up with a guy from your hood then date
another one from your hood & you say you've moved
on! No my sister you're just moving around
28. Most of the guys that say they don't date fat girls
have fat mothers. Be humble like your dad.
29. If you are dating a beautiful girl,know that a
minimum of 3 guys per day try their luck on her,which
makes 21 guys per week,84 guys per month,1008 per tell me,can your girl say NO 1008 TIMES?
30. When you are too single that even when you type
"kissing" auto correct changes it to "kidding." May your
story change in 2017
31. My High School Teacher Taught Me Most Of The
Lies I Tell Today, Back Then She'll Tell Me To Write A
Letter To My Uncle Abroad When She Knows My Uncle
Is In The Village!
and if after reading this post you didn't like and comment then your case is worst than that of a 90 year old woman who attempted abortion.... knee length styled items to wear