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Cocozhi for children
The dxn cocozhi. This nutritious and energizing drink of health is enriched with Ganoderma Lucidum Extract, cocoa without caffeine in high quality grain, nondairy creamer and skim milk. Cocozhi is brought to you exclusively by dxn for lovers of the drinking chocolate and especially thinking of the children. It's a perfect combination of ingredients that will make every sip a pleasure and very beneficial for our health. It's a combination of excellium with the ingredients mentioned above that they give to the drink not only a rich and pleasant flavor, but is considered as a natural product very nutritious. The fact contain excellium gives some brain-Tonic properties which can help different conditions related to the lack of oxygen in the brain. Going to perform at the level of connections between nerve cells, or also called neurons. It is here that the components of Ganoderma Lucidum promote the Genesis of the so-called neurotransmitters, which are substances that act on the passage of information between neuron and neuron, among other functions. This is why children increases the memory, reasoning and mental alertness. In older people and the elderly are going to prevent diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and epileptic patients their performance is amazing. ivory or beige wears for flower girl
More about the cocozhi
It's a cocoa drink, also known as chocolate dxn cocozhi; Cocoa is a seed rich in nutrients, able to balance our daily diet, because it contains carbohydrates and provide the major source of energy of our body; the protein stimulates the growth of The tissues and muscles to maintain the overall balance of the body; minerals improves the immunity and the healing of any body, vitamins, fats, fats of cacao is a natural fat with a high acid content between 38.2 no fats %, Saturated that helps control the level of cholesterol, contributes to the production of hormones, as well as cerebral oxygenation so it is an excellent food full of nutrients, great for people of poor nutrition, ideal for children and older adults.
Improve your health in a pleasant way:
If you drink coffee, it is recommended to change has any product without caffeine, such as coffee lingzhi, but on the contrary, doesn't drink or don't like the coffee, I congratulate you, we have something in common, the option that now I give you is to prove the Delicious Chocolate Cocozhi. The decision to meet you and prove it... it's totally yours.
It's funny to see how we spend the money without thinking when it comes to surface products that make us have a better outward appearance temporarily or give us social status, but when it comes to help our classmate of all life, this wonderful body that takes us For the world over many decades, we got to think twice and even leave him for another day that in some cases,.. no longer came.
Don't you think your body deserves it?
Don't leave it for tomorrow, the time is now!, maybe later it will be too late.
Ideal for all ages and / or genres, I can take from pregnant women, children, youth, adolescents, adults, people of the third age, and from every social status, as it is within the reach of the Pockets all over the world in general, try and you won't regret it.