items with emerald green color to wear of the prom

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Do You Suffer fro DEPRESSION, ANXIETY, PANIC ATTACKS then you NEED to read this!! My friend Erica who I have had the honour of coaching trusted me and has had HUGE success using our products!!

Start of my journey, it isnt about losing inches or weight me. . That is just the icing on the cake!!
8 years of anxiety , panic took over my life, one day it came and never left. With me being a total health nut this hit me hard. Doctors tried many different prescriptions, ones that made you gain weight, swell up, walk around like a zombie,..withdrawls of nightmares. Sadness to watch my family suffer with me! Not understanding why it just won't go away!! Doctors /councillors / naturopaths/ so much money spent and nothing!! !!! My diagnoses is PTSD/anemic/deficient in cortisol/ deficient progesterone/anxiety disorder!! This was just diagnosed in Dec/2016, kinda all fits why so many miscarriages, anxiety and panic have been taken over. But can it be fixed??? Well doc said higher meds/ naturopath put me on some herbs that have helped.....but guess what those 15 bottles of herbs I was taken, they are all in 2 bottles xr2 and shine. My son who is 4, he is the reason I will not give up, I will not go to a higher dose of medication. I will be able to drive him to wherever he may need to go, I will be able to enjoy life with my family the way we should be. I will get my 8 years back... I will be me again....!!! 30 days is worth a shot, worth the $, worth my life. It brings me to tears everyday, as I wait for my anxiety attack. I wait ......and it's not there. WHAT , WAIT, yep...its not there, I can sleep all night, no night anxiety, I can drive home and breath .. just breath and function properly!!! It's 99 percent gone!! It's a relief, new life, New beginning for me and my family. This has been the best 30 days I have had in 8 years. I'm greatful hands down, for taking a chance on this product, that turned out to be the best investment I have ever made. AND the bonus is .... I lost weight and continue to do so!! Go blue box or go home!!!! items with emerald green color to wear of the prom

I wasn't doing this for the weightloss, I planned to get my health back first..... but dam.... it happened anyways!!! So it's a win win for me!!

8 days - 6 pounds/ 11 inches.
21 days- 9 pounds / 15 inches