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Everyone loves this positive minded guy
But months ago this guy you would not be able to find.
Broken yet still pushing forward
You never heard of a kind
Stay with me as I bring you into the life of mine
Counting down Days when things will end
Wondering how far will a neck break if it was to bend
To the breaking point i wished
No adrenaline rush from the slits on my wrists.
Existing in a world once thought of to not care
Looking for others with similar emotions so deep thoughts we could share halter neck wedding bridal outfits
Time after time I wanted to leave
Motivation became harder to deceive throw out a smile and say I'm okay
Imagining the layout of limbs for a numb body to lay
Night arrives and in darkness I desperately wanted to stay
To let demons consume what's left of my body
Urges roared through my mind
I no longer wanted to fight it
Pain all I knew
Anger was all that grew
Life from my eyes flew
If only my friends knew
But they'll never understand
The depth of my plan
Scars and bruises my body would show
From all the experiences I had to endure
Only in darkness did I feel secure
My tolerance has been stretched out of elasticity
I've ran out of durability
Insecurities are rushing in
Affecting organs deep within
I give up there's no chance
I grow to weak to take a stance
Intoxicated with venom so dark and destructive
I give in to the thoughts and do as instructed