green evening party selections

If you don't think the President has anything to do with whats going on, you don't see the bigger picture. He doesn't understand the public, he's never been a part of the real USA. Now he's just acting like he always did in NY. Acts above everything & makes arrogant comments but now you have extremist groups taking advantage of it. I don't usually weigh in on politics any more but after the NC disaster I must. 1st off, watch the VICE show on that rally. The 1 person they focused on was all too similar to the Nazi's that started to appear in our hood in the 80's. If you noticed, they are dressing like typical American citizens now instead of the skinhead bombers, nazi flag shorts & bald heads. They look like cross fit hipsters from Brooklyn. Its the Alt Rught strategy to make people feel like they're just like you & I. They went to that march with a purpose. They brought riot gear and weapons. Not just a single bat or shield but fully automatic assault rifles, hand guns, military style knives & lord knows what else. They were hoping to start a war. They've been trying as long as I can remember. They're not a large enough army to take over the USA but with support from the white house they've become very empowered and motived. If you look at global history, this type of situation has never ended well if the leaders sleep on the issue. If u truly believe that "Black savages & Jews" have taken over your country and u feel the need to protest, thats your right. Same as opposed thinkers have the right to counter protest. Its all very legal. When you attack, mame and kill your fellow Americans over opposing issues, youre now a traitor to the constitution, a murderer and a criminal. Fortunately (Unfortunately for idiots) we all live in a FREE Democratic society and are different with different views. Repubs love the guns, church & hate abortions, Libs support gays & love trees promote women's rights & yada yada, well guess what? Its a free country. If your so worried about what other people do, you ate seriously psychologically broken. Who cares who humps who or what guns people own, as long as theyre not harming you, your family or home then STFU & mind your busy bodying business. The Pres had an opportunity to end it with a few words & chose to literally empower violent people even more. He's blown it. We are at war still with other countries, we have Russia playing cards constantly, we have North Korea feeling quite empowered lately which suggests to me they've got support somewhere we haven't thought about and on top of that now we have an uprising of people boasting ethnic cleansing in the the fucking U S of A! green evening party selections

The president should send the CIA in to investigate people like the men in the vice episode who threatened the police on the phone with hundreds of men heavily armed and the very outspoken man who brandished his weapons for cameras and then talked of violence and ethnic cleansing with murder. This is no longer the country I recognize & feel like Ive been sucked into an alternate universe comic. No one has the right to break the law. No one should be dead. The police were so disrespected at that rally & did nothing. The Nazis were arguing with police & telling them what they were gonna do & threatened the department. Seriously this is going sideways quickly & we cannot afford this embarrassing temper tantrum tainting any more of our already tarnishing global reputation.

Trump, fix this. Seriously, from 1 New Yorker to another. Fix this please.