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Health Care and Health Insurance are two VASTLY different things! I said this when the Affordable "Health Care" initiative was first underway, and the statement STANDS! We have a health INSURANCE initiative. Seems to me that the major problem is THE COST OF SO-CALLED HEALTH CARE! Who is it that sets those prices, what are the prices (odd how you get a service that you never know the price UNTIL you get the bill).

Some health care BEGINS WITH YOU, but you have to REALLY - REALLY - GET THAT! Food, water, air, mental condition and thoughts, chemical exposures, and extreme stress are largely the causes of ill health. Some situations, one is born with or are manifested by accident and harm, and still, in many cases, there is a great deal one can do to reverse or mitigate some of that through purposeful action that is founded on the established processes and functioning of the natural human body. We seem to not want to learn about that and want others to do it for us. These require great study and discipline, and there could not possibly be anything more fun to do!

A significant amount of the demise of "health care" is caused by industry and commercial products and activities, yet, there is no outcry except from some rare individuals who work hard to stop the madness, but without the direct action and support of the majority of people. We drop the ball, give it all a pass, and pretend that nothing is happening. Some "health care" is NOT CARE at all, but a prolonging of "life" by artificial means or a "tricking" of one's body into temporarily believing that all is well. And some people are alright with that. Here, we willingly accept three more years, five more years, or even a life until age 80, but suffer a serious decline in the quality of life. Some "health care" brings on an entirely different series of problems that were not even there before, and we accept those, too. The medicine, itself, is not curative and in some cases deadly. gold selections for cocktail party

The only worthy goal is ACTUAL HEALTH and ACTUAL HEALTH CARE - starting with YOU, and then DEMANDING the review and realignment of medical COSTS!

And don't get me wrong, when needed, I want a medical PROFESSIONAL, who is well-trained in the true processes and relational functioning of the human body - just as an engineer should be wholly trained in structures, systems, and mechanics. And I surely believe in paying for them to be their best in providing services. But it is also like universities are now - a lot of glitz and glamour - newer facilities, equipment, amenities - yet the fundamentals have gotten lost in the mix and the cost of administration is off the chain, as are the profit margins.