garments colored with pink for the wedding

All is Ok
Allow the flow up and down, down and up.
Focalise on the highest energy. The deepest. All the ill part of the empathetic system need to heal to reach the door. Forgive. Thank. When everyone else is forgiven, you stay alone with your responsibilities. No faults. Solutions. Heal yourself. Allow your consciousness to speak the Truth. Equal, allow the Consciousness to reach it. garments colored with pink for the wedding
There isn't a good or bad One. There is a whole One, there isn't a good path, or a bad path. There is a necessary path.
What happened through the age, constructed a PTSd intergenerational disease. Dissociation, false memories, paranaoia, our DNA is encoded with the emotional memories. Some of them are "living entities". This results in an empathetic damage, and some future "fear-based" projections.
All is OK.
The trick is, stay whole. Don't fight.
Love your highest value. And heal the parts which don't stick perfectly with your deepest passion.
Follow your intuition. Listen to the Universe.
It hurts? Don't resist. Heal.
You want to say "Fuck"? Say it, right ?!! Look at this shit.
The futur is OK.
The present can stop to project fear-based thoughts.
Thank. Forgive.
Everyone you met.
Your Self include.
Thanks those who misunderstood you. Those who tried to kill you. They're crazy. They don't know. They re sick and lost.
Allow yourself this gift to yourself.
Thank those who disturbed your self enough to have to react. They reached something living within you. Heal this wound... If you got it, you re strong enough to learn how to heal from it.
Remember. Responsibility.
Heal. Forgive. Thank.
Take your time.
Laugh, Cry, Yell. Defend yourself.
Tell. Communicate. Everything you express is send from the subconscious to the consciousness. Tell about your goals. Your path. Tell about your struggle. Your fears. Your doubts.
If you do whole, the whole Universe will send you the support you need.
That's not being negative. Truth.
Ask for the Truth when you ask something.
Ask. Never stop to ask. The questions heal and enhance the ability to feel the dissonances.
Be truth. You Matter. Here and now.
Thank those who have done the travel before yourself. Everytime someone reach the within door, it enhances the collective ability to do so.
Everything is OK.