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1. The pain in the top center of the abdomen indicates gastritis,
But may be is a symptom of a heart attack (especially if the pain radiates to right arm), or appendicitis.


2. Pain in the right hypochondrium.
A sharp pain accompanied by heaviness, nausea, radiates to the right shoulder - most likely is gall (hepatic) colic. May indicate presence of stones in the gallbladder.
Dull pain, accompanied by loss of appetite - this is most likely biliary dyskinesia. But can also occur with acute hepatitis C or acute hepatitis A or b, cirrhosis of the liver. formal wears for middle graduation

3. Pain in right side at waist level may be renal colic that can be a cause of urolithiasis, the inflection of the ureter or inflammation.
But it may indicate inflammation of the ovaries, low back pain or appendicitis.

4. Pain in left upper quadrant - most likely indicates pancreatitis.
The same can occur from a bleeding gastric ulcer or duodenal ulcer.

5. Pain in the middle of the abdomen - occurs most often with overeating, but may indicate dysbiosis.

6. Pain under the navel can indicate irritable bowel syndrome.
Sometimes due to viral infection.

7. Pain in the lower abdomen (pulling pain) - is the result of inflammation of the appendages.
But the same can be due to cystitis, endometriosis, ectopic pregnancy or just constipation.

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