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John 1V33-"I would not have known Him,except that the one who sent me to baptize told me 'The man on whom you see the Spirit come down and remain is He who will baptize with the Holy Spirit'
.." NIV
Jesus didn't look majestic,very handsome,peculiar or anything that would differentiate Him as in classifying,qualifying to be distinct in appearance:HE LOOKED JUST LIKE OTHERS and SO SIMPLE.John the baptist admitted saying[briefing]that going by appearance,he would not have known Jesus as sent Messiah.Even the men who came to arrest Jesus in Gethsemane,had difficulties identifying Jesus even after the guidance of Judas[Indeed it was night,but they had torches&latterns]and only Jesus opened up to them.Read Luke 22v47-48 join it to John 18v2-8.
Jesus Christ dressed the form of a servant Philippians 2v5-11,Isaiah 52v13-15&53v1-12;He had a body like us:He din't have a glorified body,nor was He cement and block that He coudn't feel pain,nor sexual feelings etc NO. The bible says He was tempted in every way just like us but never sinned.The possibility and probability to sin was there,even more &more than us because the devil had to exhaust all he had,meant business for Jesus to fall.Knowing only Jesus had it all for man's salvation:the reason He faced it tougher than anyone ever.He was tempted but decoded not to sin,as we also can decide.
Thus:Jesus had feelings,emotions.He expressed; amazement,thirsty,hunger,anger,sorrow,crying,weeping,sleeping etc and faced infirmities just like us.
He didn't fly out to get to other villages/cities but walked throughout them (what we strongly avoid to do leaning on planes/vehicles,bikes etc.)And He got tired like us.He borrowed like us:yes the boat,donkey,supper room.He asked help of the lad's fish/ bread,help of disciples to do this that.All these and more are plainly spread in scriptures.
Alot of people get wrong informations about Jesus Christ from people,movies etc not necessarily from scriptures.
Mostly,the movies and art designs would picture Jesus;very handsome man of about 40+ years,gloryfied body,no scratch or dent but wholy smooth,regular ,very perfectly composed,only A DROP OF BLOOD RUNNING DOWN,beautiful portrait on the cross.No agonizing.Everything fine-fine,beauty-beauty.
Nevertheless,the bible has it true.He was very young on earth compared to alot of us and only died and went to heaven at 33years.
He led a very simple but obedient life to His Father.Never shaved>imagine the appearance.His face marred beyond human likeness &disfigured.A man of sorrow,familiar with sufferings and dying crucified naked only less than a boxer of covering.Led not a life of the wealthy,the majestic,nobilities,Buga life,the some of us,american dream,golden on silver plate,the academic etc.Noooo.He never went to school,took responsiility of and provided for his family,disciples&the poor.He was assisted by women financially,materially etc.He didn't even plainly reveal Himself and ran away when they wanted to make Him king by force. formal evening party wears
HE never confronted or overthrow His human opponents by miracoulus power and never resisted,retaliated when they smote,spat,abused Him.
These written and more: made it further difficult even for many to identify Him as CHRIST,ONLY>TO THOSE WHOM GOD REVEALED TO. JOHN 6V44,65.
He rather was pleased to faced it this way just for you and me.
What a lesson to us?what a perfect example we have?what a caring loving Master never to disappoint?
Failing to walk a life of pleasing God with just simple temptations than Jesus faced,then it means we don't really love&care for ourselves,counting the cup/cross Jesus took for us as vain thing.