edgy style wears for prom and formal party

UPDATE: I am home and doing much better!
Good news is no heart attack! The Dr. said that my Potassium level was "dangerously" low. This caused changes in heart rhythm. I also unknowing had Bronchitis so I felt like I had an elephant sitting on my chest. Wed night/Thursday morning I started vomiting and tingling in hands. I went in to the ER scared to death!
Sad News is that I have abused & neglected my body for 8 yrs. I guess it took this BIG scare to wake me up! I have a lot of changes to make and to be honest I'm overwhelmed with the results that I was given. There wasn't just 1 health issue diagnosed but several. But I am going to give it my all to change my reckless behavior! edgy style wears for prom and formal party
Thank you to my family & friends for all their prayers and well wishes! I have the best support system!