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Two Bodies, One Soul *Sequel to My brothers' best friend*
Chapter 32
It was 10 and I was already up and running all over the place. Today was the day that I was going to get my dress then tomorrow would be the bridesmaid dresses. Ben was at my house by 9:15 then we gathered everybody and hopped into my car. I drove down to our local wedding gown shop, one I had passed many times when Chris and I were only dating. I parked the car fairly close to the entrance then we all got out of the car and into the shop. Right off the bat I saw dresses that I loved but I wasn't sure if they would go good with my body type so maybe I'd leave the designs for Ben or Abigail. We went up to the front desk where this petite woman sat. Brown hair, black eyes and she wore some Ray Band glasses. She smiled at us as she asked: college formal dresses
"What can I help you guys out with today?"
Ben stepped in front of me and smiled back.
"We have an appointment today for Paige Jenkins."
She typed what I was guessing was my name on the computer then her face seemed to brighten some more.
"Ah Paige, yes we have you here scheduled for 10. Please follow me upstairs."
She got off her chair and led the way over to the back and then to the elevator. We stopped on the floor with open space and nice, white couches in the center. In front of the couches was a little podium where I'm guessing I would be standing and in front of that was a quite big mirror. There was 4 hallways, one on each side of the room and dresses scattered around the room. There was other people also scattered around, woman on those podiums looking at themselves in the mirrors. Just thinking of me standing there made me shiver.
She took some information from me. For example, she asked what kind of designs I was into or if I was looking for specific dress.
"I don't really have a style. I've never really done this before." I chuckled.
She nodded her head and wrote it down on the clipboard.
"And the price rang Ms. Jenkins?" She asked.
I looked at Ben in a confused way, not really knowing what my budget should be.
"I think I want to stay at $3,500." I smiled.
She wrote it down on her clipboard again.
"Okay perfect. Your consultant will be with you shortly."
She gave us a warm smile as she went over to the woman across the room and started to socialize with her. A little bit after she left, a young woman walked up to us and shook our hands.
"So who's the bride?" She asked.
I raised my hand as all the attention was now on me.
"Alrighty Paige, my name is Jordan I'm going to take you into a changing room and we'll definitely start looking for dresses." She smiled.
I got up and followed her into the room with the number "15" on it. She closed the door and looked at the clipboard.
"So you don't have any kind of dress in mind?" She asked.
I shook my head.
"I'm open to anything really, I just want something that I'll look good in and something that fits my figure." I smiled.
"What we could do is we could get different kinds of styles and we'll try them on. Then we will see which one you like the most and we'll go from there." Jordan said.
I nodded in agreement then she walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. She was on her way to finding my perfect dress.
She came back with her hands full of dresses plus Emily, Jean, Abigail and Ben came in with some of their own. My eyes widened as I saw those dresses and I started to break a sweat. She put them on the rack then unzipped one.
"This one is Abigail pick, she thinks you would look great in a ballgown." She smiled.
This dress was a ball gown with a lace design on the top. There wasn't too much bling which was what I absolutely loved about the dress; it was perfect. The bottom was perfect size too, it wasn't too poofy but it also wasn't too flowy. I put it on and she strapped the corset then she made me turn around and face the mirror and my reaction was something that I didn't expect myself. I almost started to cry.
"Do you like it?" She asked.
I nodded my head rapidly.
"It's absolutely beautiful." I squealed.
"Do you think it's worth going down there and showing them?" She asked me again.
She opened the door and let me go out first. The dress had a train in the back which gave it more of a romantic feel. I followed her to where my party was at then she made me stand on the podium and she fixed the bottom of the dress.
"What do you guys think?" I asked looking at myself in the mirror.
"You definitely look like a bride." Jean said wiping a tear from her eyes.
"That's a yes!" Abigail said.
"I think that's your dress Pay." Emily stated.
Ben looked at me in amusement.
"What do you think Ben?" I looked at him next.
He stayed quiet for a while but finally nodded his head.
"It looks gorgeous on you Pay." He smiled.
"Let's not stop here though, I think we should look at more dresses." Jean smiled.
We all nodded in agreement then Jordan took me back into the dressing room.
The next dress I tried on was a mermaid dress. I put it on then wanted to take it off; I hated it. The ruffles in the bottom were ugly and I didn't like how the dress flared out at the bottom. After trying on about 20 dresses, I was back in the 1st pick except this time I had my long veil on.
"This one, this is my dress!" I said.
Everybody cheered as they got up and started to hug me then they got their phones out and started taking pictures.
This may sound cheesy and a little cliche but I am saying yes to the dress!