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Ways Of Increasing The Quantity Of Semen
"Wise men of the Orient have always sought means of preventing the discharge of the seminal fluid. They have realized the tremendous implications of the sexual act: when performed with love and discipline, it may awaken dormant powers of the mind and body."
Mantak Chia
Sperm is the storehouse of male sexual energy. A single ejaculation has 200 to 500 million sperm cells, each a potential human being. There are enough spermatozoa lost in a single ejaculatory orgasm to populate the entire United States.
Ejaculation of the male seed, except in the case when the couple wants to have children, is a wasteful loss of an extremely precious treasure.
The loss of sexual energy over a long period of time weakens the man's health and vitality and it gradually leads to the development of the inferior or animal nature of a human being.
By transmutation of the seed into energy the man rejuvenates. He becomes full of energy all the time. Because of this reason many traditional spiritual paths require male celibacy.
Only Taoist and Tantric paths accept sexual love as being a spiritual path that can lead to profound ecstasy, but only when love is enjoyed without ejaculation in a man's case and without an explosive orgasm in a woman's case.
The Oriental sages considered one drop of semen equal in vital power to one hundred drops of blood. Extraordinary powers, including healing and clairvoyance may evolve when one retains the semen and drives its power back up into the body.
Scientific analysis has found that semen contains a treasure house of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, hormones, proteins, ions, enzymes and other vital nutritional substances.
From the esoteric point of view the seed represents the Life Force or in other words the subtle power that separates the living from the dead.
With frequent ejaculation of sperm, vitality ultimately leaves you. At first the man will not feel drained, but after years of wasting his sexual potential, his health will begin to drop alarmingly. When the hormonal secretions of the sexual glands are regularly leached out, the body is sapped at its roots.
So conserve your sexual energy by making love with sexual continence .
Here are 4 ways of increasing the quantity of semen, not for wasting it but for transmuting it into energy. Thus you will obtain a priceless treasure - a tremendous quantity of vital energy that can be sublimated into more refined energies, giving you more and more elevated states of consciousness.
1. Holding and massaging the testicles:
This exercise stimulates hormonal and sperm secretion and increases the man's sexual potential. In order to do it, rub your hands one against the other until they become hot. Hold the penis up with one hand and the testicles with the other and squeeze them easily. Squeeze them quick and hard, but not painfully. Squeeze them at least 100 times before changing hands and do the same with the other. cocktail party wears in yellow
2. Shaking the testicles
Just like the previous exercise, this one stimulates hormonal secretion and sperm emission. Rub your hands till they become hot and hold up the penis with one of them. With the other hold the testicles and start shaking them lightly, gradually increase the intensity. Shake them for at least 3-5 minutes. Change hands and repeat.
3. Striking the testicles
Rub your hands till they become hot. Hold the penis up with one hand and strike the testicles lightly with the other, increasing the intensity gradually (but not too hard). Do that for at least 3-5 minutes. Then change hands and do it again. Also hit their base, the perineum.
4. The circular massage of the testicles
Rub your hands again. Hold the penis with one hand and massage the testicles with the other, using your thumb. Massage circularly both ways for at least for 3-5 minutes (100 - 300 times). Change hands and repeat this procedure. Or you can hold the testicles with your fingers and massage them with your palm.
These exercises increase the sexual potential (the sperm quantity) and hormonal secretion. Therefore, men will have more sexual energy. These exercises also stimulate the prostate and lead the energy to the penis and the inferior energetic centers ( chakras ).
After doing them you must use some techniques ( hatha yoga exercises) for raising the energy to the upper centers Otherwise, you will be confronted with irritability, a scatter-brained mind, an excessively extroverted state and another unpleasant psychic states that are generated when the sexual energy stagnates in the genital area.