champagne or beige wears for flower girl

My idea of "dieting" meant that I chose low fat and fat free over regular. Diet Soda over regular soda, wheat bread over white bread and 100 calorie packs of oreos vs regular oreos. I thought if you ate fruit it was a healthy choice and portion size was just crazy talk.

Then, when I couldn't get the weight off after Valentina and Giampiero I realize that maybe I needed to change. I tried everything else first because SERIOUSLY those at home fitness programs truly CAN'T work!

I would start with good intentions every Monday and by Tuesday I was making excuses for my workout and slipping up on my nutrition.

It was a vicious cycle of every weekend being fed up with how I looked and felt and then every Monday vowing to start over again! By Friday I was tired and craving pizza or ice cream and by Sunday I was back to square 1.

Sound like you?!

I broke the cycle over the course of a few months and then have been able to maintain the lifestyle because I'm NOT starving myself, I'm eating real food, I'm balanced which means I get to enjoy treats too! I have created my own health & fitness playbook that has not only helped me to get the weight off but has kept the weight off for 2+years! champagne or beige wears for flower girl

If you resonate to the OLD me and are FED up with starting over now is the time.

WHY IS NOW THE TIME? Because there is NEVER a perfect time. You can always find an excuse or reason. But if you need a change and it's all you have been thinking about then join my next group!

I am going to teach you my strategies for success! How to live life on the offense vs the defense and create your own customized lifestyle playbook that you can use for the rest of your life and for those around you too!

Are you in?!

Just like this or pm me

**note if you are a coach or already working with another coach please contact your coach for their next accountability group!