boho items to wear of the wedding


"Did you know the breaking of hymen in a virgin is a myth?The hymen already has holes due to different causes like menstruation. If you are a virgin even then only half of you will bleed on your first time.... And the other half will simply never bleed. It's because of the elasticity of hymen. boho items to wear of the wedding
I've read quite a lot of confession in here . Some of which go on about how their future wife will most probably not be a virgin. ...
Stop 'Slut shaming' girls.
And stop trying to control girls because you can apparently know if she's virgin or not. You cannot.
Many girls fall victim to different customs like 'Mercy killing' amd many other customs....
This information of hymen isn't new. It was discovered at least 100 yrs ago. But this information is withheld from general public to control girls.
Be Enlightened....

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