bohemian style wedding selections

*_What has DJs done wrong?_*

Can a high life artist sing for 3hours NON STOP without resting, even if he's a HORSE, but a DJ kips the party rolling till after hangover.

Can a highlife artist be paid N25k for a show Even if he plays keyboard, guitar, band, singing, backup, trumpet. All- in- one, alone.

A DJ gathers Artists from all over the Continent to perform at your occasion and also make them sing together for several hours.
Have you ever taught of calling, Wizkid, 2face, Mavins, In fact all the Nigerian and international artists for only one wedding reception
Even U.S government cannot afford that.
My fellow professional DJs think Twice.

We have allowed this profession to be so belittled that, most of us feel ashamed to even tell our Girlfriends\in laws that we DJ for a living, because we no longer make anything out of it.

For instance, Do u know how much Sound City pays Dj Shabsy and Dj Bobbi for there Mixtape sessions
If you have listened to them consistently, what do they do in their mix that you don't do in your own mix
Yet you give out your intelligence, hard work, labour, resources etc very cheaply.

A man once called me for a programme and said why do you charge like this? Is it not to come and play music?
(even though I know that there are _thousands of current mix tapes Online).._

Why do u think artists have managers? Even High life artists.
Artists give out their promos to be popular and you think you do same by uploading long mix tapes ......
_Let me Break it down for you._

You the Dj, plays that music where the Artist can never dream of performing thereby introducing him indirectly to the guests in that event.

But wen those event managers now think of him performing for them, they can never bargain 25k as price.
So what has been your reward both for your long Mixtape and cheap charges?.......

Come to think of it ooo
Its so rare for an artist to climb on stage and start promoting a dj that is not present in dat occasion.

My heart bleeds anytime I remember that even MC's are paid higher than DJs in this town which leads me to the following questions?

1: What does an MC come to the occasion with? Probably good looking dress and brain to crack a joke right?
Then does it mean that DJs don't dress well or have brains to mix songs

2: Does it mean that Equipments are now so cheap that it doesn't matter the price you( DJ) charge?
I take at least two able bodied men to my occasion because I can't carry speakers, amps, mixers etc alone and even if I do, with which strength am I expected to stand up and play for several hours or hasn't it occurred to you that fatigue can affect your mixing and production? bohemian style wedding selections
3: Must an MC come to an occasion with a car? Ans. = No, a simple Keke will do.

But you need to see the reaction I get from my lorry drivers when I price them low to carry my equipments to work.

The popular question they ask is "What am I going to tell my wife and kids wen I get home"? So I left with the car to go and do abeg work. Will abeg pay my house rents, children's school fees, put food on my table.
Abeg eeeee make I ask oooooo
Dont Djs have rents to pay, school fees , food etc..

Please Professional Djs try and maintain the Integrity of our noble and honourable profession, don't spoil the name of your fellow Dj simply because you are contesting (for a show, bar, hotel, lounge, restaurant, night club, parties etc) with him.

Try and be your brothers keeper because this Organisation has brought us together as brothers and not fighters.

If you have more than one show at the same time, try and pass-on the others to brothers who don't have shows, you don't know if he will be the one to rescue you if you have problem in your own shows.