bohemian plus figure wedding gowns

"SARCASM!!!", but is the "TRUTH"!!!
"Thanks", to Jyll M. T.'s family, I'm fed up with your guys b.s. .....from kidnapping my daughters, imbesseling money "from", fraud, forgery, attempted identity thief, stealing and selling properties (you had no right to), burning property left to me (by her), selling her wedding gift to me (1969 Camaro RS/SS), burning her "wedding dress w/ a sparrow hand crafted, impersonation, "selling off businesses" (for pennies on the dollar), to trying to sell me my own daughters' DNA (for an undisclosed amount of money), to even saying certain people "are" dead but, "are not", to a "judge" that only went through the "motions" of a court's procedures, same "judge" also putting a "gag order" on my attorney (to "not" give me the "truth"), to a "prosecutor", same county, "that a crime, isn't a crime", to telling a court "I, myself" was 'deceased'(to gain control), to liquidating 'investments' (you greedy; s.o.b.'s), to numerous 'failed attempts' (to get rid of me but can't(I'm still breathing and upright)), "Now , the most hideous", not letting her, "Brave Warrior" know his, "Sexy Princess", be together, in her last moments, as you 'pulled the plug'. "Damn you!", the hills known as, the "Seven Sisters", New York State....I will never forgive you guys for that one. You let my "heart", and "soul-mate" die. bohemian plus figure wedding gowns
So Facebook, you keep asking me, "how my day is" or "add to my day"......'how's this is my "LIFE!".
"Conversation With A Sparrow" poem: by Drew (myself)
"I Need You" our song: performed by "Leann Rhymes"
"Sapphire Blue" her favorite color
"Sky, Baby Blue" her eye color........."Sorry! "