White Prom Dresses 2020

2:23 Pm Another update-
Clothes drying rack- filled
Toilet cleaners, brushes, and paper- filled
Paper towels-filled ...
Garbage bags-filled
Some warm socks
Some slips
1-headset with microphone
Dress shirts with ties and tee shirts for John
One bureau
Some size 9 shoes

Still needed-

Two full length mirrors
Women's Black knee high socks
Women Size 9 boots
Women No show belt for Melanie
Cat and Jack size 16 (girls) underwear @ Target
Curtain and curtain rods for bedrooms(sizes to be posted tomorrow. Weds) White Prom Dresses 2020
Baby oil
Baby wipes
Tide and bounce dryer sheets
Bike helmet for Christina
Thank you again for everyone's generous spirit!

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